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10 February 2021 - 11 February 2021
Bringing Value to Agrobiomass

More than 100 persons participated. Please click here for the presentations. You can download them from the WBA-website.

WBA Webinar Series – Agricultural Residues 

The World Bioenergy Association and the project AgroBioHeat are pleased to invite you to the following webinar: 

Webinar 2: National experiences on feedstock mobilization, policies and regulations

28th January 2020 // 11.00 – 12.30 CET

Agriculture residues are one of the most abundantly available resource worldwide as millions of tons of husk, straw etc. are produced globally which are either left to rot or burned on the fields. Efficient utilization of these residues to produce heat, electricity and biofuels offer various advantages including replacing fossil fuel use, reducing emissions, and promoting local economic development. However, various technological, social and policy challenges hinder the progress of the sector.

Following the previous webinar on latest technological developments, WBA and the AgroBioHeat project are pleased to invite you all to an upcoming webinar on national experiences related to feedstock, policies and regulations for development of the agriculture residues to energy sector. The session will include presentations from representatives of national associations of Spain, Denmark, Ukraine, India, Brazil etc. on the latest developments in feedstock, technologies, policies and regulations for promoting the use of agricultural residues for energy.

The webinar will include

  • Opening remarks from World Bioenergy Association and AgroBioHeat
  • Presentations from national associations, clusters, etc. on national experiences
  • Panel discussion and sharing of best practices to promote the sector
  • Live Q&A with audience

REGISTRATION and further information

For furter information and the invitation (PDF-file), please see below and most important, for registration, please click here.

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